Changelog 28: Enterprise Security 🔒

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Jason Laster
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We’re excited to share some enterprise security updates today.
SOC 2 Type 1 We have successfully completed our SOC 2 Type I audit, affirming the effectiveness of our security processes and controls.
Self Storage It is now possible to store your own Replay data, monitor its access, and revoke access at any time.
URL Allowlist It is now possible to control which URLs can be recorded, and scope recordings to certain environments or applications.
Network Monitoring We recently began monitoring our internal network traffic in order to ensure that user data is not transmitted within or out of our network.
We are grateful to our design partners who have helped us get to this point and excited to talk with folks who would like to explore bringing Replay to their team!

Additional Updates

Comments We re-architected comment syncing this week. This PR summarizes the improvements we made to Apollo’s optimistic caching.
Browser Login The Replay browser now logs in through your default browser in all cases on Mac. We are currently working on supporting external logins on Linux as well.
Hot Module Reloading We fixed an issue where files that changed via HMR in local development are no longer considered duplicates.
Browser Icon We fixed a long standing issue where the the Replay browser icon was garbled for some users.

What’s New

Our weekly Office Hours stream is now available on multiple platforms! Join the team live on Fridays at 11am PT/2pm ET at twitch.tv/replayio, twitter.com/replayio, or replay.io/youtube.
We published a new post on how we diagnose crashes while replaying. Cross your fingers and hope to crash.

Case Study

Cecelia Martinez, our community lead, is working on bringing gotbugs.io to life and documenting the development and debugging process. Check out the dev journal here and feel free to share feedback or contribute directly.
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We’re excited to be shipping the React Events Timeline today! The next time you select a Click event in the Events Panel, you’ll seek to the component’s onClick handler!
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We’re excited to share three big Chrome updates today: Chromium 108, Elements Panel, and React DevTools!
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We’re excited to share that over the past six months we’ve increased our P50 Butter Score from a 30 to a 90. 43% of replays now start in 15 seconds and resolve requests in under 2 seconds.
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