Changelog 3: Privacy Panel

We shipped the Privacy Panel. Replays are private by default and we follow industry standard for security practices since day one.
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Jason Laster
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We take privacy and security seriously. This is why replays are private by default and we have had industry standard security practices since day one.
But security does not answer the question, “is this replay safe to share publicly”? This is why we’re shipping the Privacy Panel.
The Privacy Panel shines a light on how third party services are using data. For instance, the Privacy Panel above lets you see that CNN includes Adult Swim and Replay's time travel debugger lets you see what cookies it's reading!
We’d love to hear from you. What would you like to see in a Privacy Panel?

Additional Updates

Smart links: Our comments editor now supports formatting GitHub and Replay links.
LogRocket: Opting out of LogRocket will now be stored as an account-level user setting.
Upload panel: We redesigned the Upload panel so that it would be easier to see privacy information and edit sharing settings.

Case Study

Carta is currently showing our valuation as `NaN` which is JavaScript speak for not a number. Checkout out the Loom to see where the bug came from and how we found it.
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