Changelog 6: Windows beta 🎉

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Jason Laster
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We began inviting users to our Windows browser last week! Send us an email if you'd like an invite before we release the Beta.
As a quick aside, the browser is frankly staggering. Under the hood, we record Windows system calls and replay them in a Linux environment. This should not be possible!
We've been working on Windows support since August and have gotten the crash rate down to ~1.5% on the top 500 sites and it's getting better every day.

Additional Improvements

  • Elements panel: The highlighter, markup tree, styles, and layout view are getting closer. Email us if you'd like to play with it!
  • Billing flow: We've made it is easier to upgrade to a team plan, add a payment method, and see when the free trial is expiring.
  • New comments: We migrated our comments editor to Tiptap so that we can add at mentions, GitHub and Jira issues, and emoji support 😃
  • Email unsubscribe: It's now possible to unsubscribe from specific transactional emails in the settings panel.
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Today, we’re excited to release Instant Replay. Instant Replay is one of those updates that changes everything and is the reason we’ve been heads down the past six weeks.
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Our plans to reach seven second start times by June. The new React Timeline and suspense architecture.
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Today we’re excited to release shared print statements. When you open a replay, you’ll now see print statements added by others.
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