Week 2: Early Reflections

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Jason Laster
Happy Friday and for US folks happy Labor Day! With the US long weekend ahead of us, I thought I'd share some reflections on week two of our beta.
When we started Replay, we had a hunch that the best way to understand software was to record it and explore it after the fact. It's been super gratifying to hear that Replay has already helped folks
  • See why their application scrolled
  • Figure out why the loading pane appeared for a split second
  • Better understand react's internal render loop
  • Alter the way they conceptualized their application. WOW!
We're also hearing requests for more collaboration features: is it alright to share Replay with others, is it alright to share recordings with the rest of the team.
We're so excited that Replay is already helping folks explore their software and collaborate with their team members!

Accounts + Shared Recordings

We'll begin rolling out new features next week around private recordings and sharing recordings with other users. Let us know if you think Replay would be a great fit for your team!
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  • We closed 74 issues this week and are working on focusing on the core UX.
  • We're actively hiring for a founding designer and systems engineers. Reach out if you're interested!
  • We have 5 good first bugs and are always excited to onboard new community members. Say hi in Slack if you'd like to get involved. 👋
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We’re excited to be shipping the React Events Timeline today! The next time you select a Click event in the Events Panel, you’ll seek to the component’s onClick handler!
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We’re excited to share three big Chrome updates today: Chromium 108, Elements Panel, and React DevTools!
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We’re excited to share that over the past six months we’ve increased our P50 Butter Score from a 30 to a 90. 43% of replays now start in 15 seconds and resolve requests in under 2 seconds.
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