Week 4: Namaste

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Jason Laster
We often talk about tightening the feedback loop. Shortening the amount of time taken between making a change in the code and seeing it live on the screen.
When it comes to debugging, tightening the feedback loop can be critical. If the build step takes 30 seconds, then it’s hard to try many things and it’s tempting to make assumptions or take guesses.
This week, a user commented that Replay helped him have a calmer debugging session. After he had recorded the bug, he could calmly view the recording. He didn’t have to add a console.log in his code, refresh, and reproduce the problem. He could just add the expression in the Debugger panel. He didn’t sacrifice a tight feedback loop either, he just cut out 3 steps.
Namaste 🧘

User Accounts

This week we finally got a handle on User Accounts. As of twenty minutes ago, users will now be prompted to log in before creating a recording. Who knew it was so hard 😉
This is exciting for many reasons
  1. It was really hard to get right. 😉 Huge kudos to the team!
  1. Users will soon be able to have private recordings
  1. We will be able to do a better job of proactively supporting beta users
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Other updates
  • We have 5 good first issues and had 2 new contributors this week! Say hi in Slack if you'd like to get involved. 👋
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Today, we’re excited to release Instant Replay. Instant Replay is one of those updates that changes everything and is the reason we’ve been heads down the past six weeks.
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Our plans to reach seven second start times by June. The new React Timeline and suspense architecture.
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Today we’re excited to release shared print statements. When you open a replay, you’ll now see print statements added by others.
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