CI Improvements — March 2022

Ryan highlights some CI improvements, mainly our GitHub Actions for our Playwright integration.
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Ryan Duffy
name: Test and Upload uses: replayio/action-playwright@v0.3.0 with: apiKey: ${{ secrets.RECORD_REPLAY_API_KEY }} issue-number: ${{ github.event.pull_request.number }} public: true upload-all: true
Two weeks ago we announced improvements to our Playwright integration with the release of an npm package,@replayio/playwright, and a GitHub Action,replayio/action-playwright.
We’ve continued these improvements with a couple new updates on automated testing support:
  • We’ve updatedreplayio/action-playwright GitHub Action to v0.3.0with support for uploading all replays of tests instead of only the failed tests with the upload-all input.
We have a lot more planned to improve CI integration for Replay and help teams record their automated tests next quarter so stay tuned!
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